Camp Okefenokee was started by Pastor Earl Dorminey as a ministry of Ware Baptist Church of Waycross, Ga in 1983. The camp is now a non-profit organization as a ministry of Swamp Road Baptist Church of Waycross that operates on the kingdom principles of faith.


Minister of Music, Andrew Stringer

Betty Dorminey

Founder & Pastor,  

Earl Dorminey

Churches, businesses, and individuals donate time, food, and money to help the camp run each year. The camp has come a long way from its rustic beginnings when the "cabins" were hollowed out buses with screened windows and the "swimming pool" was a pond with a rope swing. Now, campers enjoy air conditioning in the modern cabins, cafeteria, and chapel. The old tabernacle has been converted to a canteen with snacks and drinks. It stands as a constant reminder of the camp's humble beginnings.
Guests can enjoy fishing and canoeing on the Suwanee Creek as well as a variety of other sports and activities at the camp. The food at camp okefenokee is unparalleled. Campers receive three square meals daily of great Southern style cooking during the week.
The greatest thing about Camp Okefenokee, however, is the lives that are changed every year. The camp motto, "where lives are changed" says it all. This doesn't happen by accident but by careful design and purpose. The teaching and preaching of the word of God is the main theme at Camp Okefenokee.
While at Camp Okefenokee, campers are treated to three services each day where their spirit is fed as the truth is boldly proclaimed. This spiritual emphasis, along with the working of the Holy Spirit, has resulted in annual salvations and life changing decisions for Christ.